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TrueClot® Simulated Hemostatic Gauze - 4ft. Single pack (Item #s vary)

LUNA’s TrueClot® Simulated Hemostatic Gauze is designed to work in conjunction with our TrueClot® Blood Simulant to create realistic simulated blood clots. The gauze is intended for wound packing and hemorrhage control training and simulation and will initiate a realistic simulated clotting action when used withTrueClot® Blood Simulant. The gauze will initiate simulated clotting when soaked in TrueClot® Blood Simulant or packed into a simulated wound with flowing TrueClot® Blood Simulant. Each gauze package contains one strip of gauze measuring 3 inches wide and 4 feet long and is packaged in a Z-fold or Rolled configuration (please choose from the drop down menu above.)  Gauze is packaged in heat-sealed, white plastic bag that realistically simulates packaging seen in QuikClot® gauze and other commercially available hemostatic dressings.

Item # 5124 - TrueClot® Simulated Hemostatic Gauze - Single pack - 4ft., Z-folded

Item # 5125 - TrueClot® Simulated Hemostatic Gauze - Single pack - 4ft., Rolled

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