Luna Labs - Developmental Technologies

Panel Scribe Tool

Luna’s scribe tool provides controllable and repeatable scribes on a variety of panel materials and geometries.  This tool was originally developed to scribe coated Multi-Sensor Panels (MSP) that are part of Luna’s Corrosion and Coating Evaluation System (CorRES) without damaging the underlying sensor elements.  Its functionality has since been extended and demonstrated for standard metal test panels, where the same benefits of easy, rapid, and repeatable scribing may be realized.

Key features of the scribe tool include:

  • Compatibility with a variety of tool tip geometries, including ASTM standard sharp 60 degree carbide tips
  • Adjustable dead weight (2 – 12 lbs [9-53 N]) to control scribing depth
  • Internal pivot arm damping to reduce tool bounce
  • Panel locating plates, customizable upon customer request, for quick and repeatable alignment when placing panels in the machine
  • Easily set scribe length using adjustable travel stops

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